Kill the Page(s)

After an extended audit of the aged and sprawling Booz site, it was clear that the company no longer distributed content the way people were searching for it. Newer audiences had shorter attention spans, and users were not scrolling through long, dense pages and convoluted site navigations. Deeper still, the question of how an enterprise could daily produce and publish dynamic content that was relevant, easy to find and access, and was increasingly personalized for each user? These were the storytelling, experience, content strategy models we were looking to pioneer.

ENVOI Web is a case study on how dynamic semantic clusters can create reconfigurable stories that are timely, available, and on brand. This early concept is now the underlying technology, workflow, and UX of the new, details the content, design and UI results of a card-based content and web approach.

Content Strategy: Joseph Smallwood
Technology: Rick Smith
User Experience: FCV Interactive