Protecting the Everyday Things

Because Code Should Improve the World, Not Cripple It

Booz Allen has always been known as a preeminent cyber company, but the business was fragmented and did not have established credibility and prestige outside of the federal DC market. Competitors had a more focused business model with niche capabilities and intellectual capital that the market was demanding. Although Booz Allen had strong market presence doing impactful work, the company wasn’t communicating its stories with a consistent narrative or promise. So, the brand wasn’t capturing the attention of its audiences.

Our goal was to create an intelligent brand that was highly marketable, confident and successful. It needed to connect to the culture, voice and expertise that Booz Allen Hamilton is known for, but also create a greater connection between their history, experience, and relationships as reasons to believe. And by promoting both the global impact and community benefit, we could reposition Booz Allen Cyber as a premier brand for the highly skilled experts they needed to attract and retain.

Key brand discovery and strategy activities included workshops, market research, stakeholder and talent interviews, and business and communications audits. Messages were further tested with key audiences prior to launch.

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