ENVOI Launch Issue

Envoi Articles is a semi-annual periodical featuring a collection of original stories and applied innovations of Booz Allen Hamilton’s consultants, engineers, scientists, and technologists. Envoi challenges readers to think differently about the work they’re doing, and ignites imagination with open possibilities for the future.

Envoi Articles not only uncovers how Booz Allen’s people build new value, but why they do it.

Because the best ideas aren’t shackled to geographies or insulated institutions, we took our seminal issue on the road. Our columnists visited nine regions to witness firsthand the cultures, technologies, and people that make it all possible.

Creative Director: Joseph Smallwood
Managing Editor: Toby Ulm
Staff Writers: Alex Haederle, Connor Hogan, Jacob Kriss, and Brenna Thorpe
Senior Art Director: Maria Habib
Production Manager: Sanaz Noorbakhsh
Art Director: Shawn Moriarty
Design: Amrithi Deverajan, Nune Vartanyan, and Joe Buckland
Cover and Poster Design: Kiel Mutschelknaus