A Branded House

For nearly a decade, we have worked to position Booz Allen as an innovation leader by transforming their brand from the inside out. Our work aligned an enterprise level brand architecture and identity strategy to the constantly shifting industry realities and an enduring business strategy for the future. It was a recursive process that demanded continual refinement and translation of the brand and its original verbal and visual vocabulary into new, exciting, and practical content you can hold in your hands.

Our work started with the firm’s strategic investments during the financial crisis to build trust and confidence with employees and government buyers. As the markets returned, Booz Allen was positioned for sustainable growth and our mission transitioned to retaining top talent by shaping an inspiring employee value proposition, and a career experience built on choice, skill development, and a transformative appreciation model. To accelerate their growth strategy, our final brand expression centered on transforming their recruiting model to a candidate-centric strategic talent acquisition process.

Our branded-house approach cataloged 29 style guide updates, and more than five years of expression that simplified complex brand architectures and established a consistent brand positioning and expression while empowering extensive flexibility across the enterprise. The brand extended across seven departments and dozens of sub-brands ranging from products, to events, to new work spaces. In total, our brand work amplified Booz Allen’s market position, serviced more than $6bn of business, and shifted perceptions of Booz Allen as an innovation leader by more than 20%.