The Modern Employer’s Toolkit

How we restacked the recruiting deck in our client’s favor.

The Problem with Everything

Big companies have a recruiting problem. The abundance and sheer scale of opportunities they extend to employees makes it surprisingly difficult for recruiters to consistently explain what the company does, and why people should care. With so many stories to sort and sift through, the particulars can get lost in the shuffle. As a result, the ability to attract and retain people can be routinely driven by only the charm and grit of its recruiters and managers.

Not by the brand stories or career opportunities that make them unique.

Restacking the Deck

Our challenge was to empower this front line to have better career conversations by packaging eleven decades of history, achievements, and benefits into something recruiters and career managers could easily remember, customize, and share. The Modern Employer’s Toolkit placed our client’s biggest mission—attracting and retaining people who want to change the world—into the palms of their hands.

Bugle creatives designed 80 modular cards into seven stacks full of hundreds of bite-sized conversation starters. Original photography and a color guided experience connected The Toolkit to the parent brand while elevating the product’s simplicity and sophistication as a standalone product.

Really, really, really freaking awesome!

 ― Principal

Changing the Game

By assembling runs of cards and varying their order, recruiters have the power to carry content-rich and context specific details into their conversations with candidates. In some cases, they may choose to start a discussion around a particular role or its qualifications. In others, the mission or challenge may be higher weighted than a specific job or the benefits offered.

With millions of possible ways to shuffle the cards, the Toolkit equips big companies to always play their best hand through more relevant and engaging hiring conversations built with the flexibility to grow over time and evolve with each use.

This time, we stacked the deck so everyone wins.

Creative: Bugle
Photography: Greg Kahn
Printing: Chip Peyton of Clark’s Litho

This could be the beginning of something great.

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